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The LERG Routing Guide is primarily designed to be used for routing of calls by service providers (wireless, wireline, inter and intra exchange, etc.).

It also supports functions such as networking planning and engineering, numbering administration, and is used by companies, including many outside of the telecommunications industry, to support a wide range of business operations and planning needs.

The LERG has been in existence since 1984, and provides for a common basis for service providers within the NANP to directly report their numbering and routing information.

The LERG is supported by integrated and quality-oriented industry processes and is similarly supported by TRA.

Neither regulatory or business issues are included in the subject matter although links to current regulatory documentation may be included as references. The user/reader should be aware that information contained within reference documents is dynamic in nature.

Updates to technical specifications and new issues related to specific operations will evolve as new reference information is identified.

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