Updating textpattern

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In my case, I "fixed" it by modding // Remove logs and nonces with zero dates.

safe_delete('txp_discuss_nonce', "DATE(issue_time) = 0"); safe_delete('txp_log', "DATE(time) = 0"); // Replace zero dates (which shouldn't exist, really) with somewhat sensible values. I think its effect is included when My SQL is in strict mode - which it is by default in recent Ubuntus at least.

The tools they provide make translating Textpattern as easy as possible.

The easiest way to do this is to log onto the server using FTP or SFTP, create a new folder called The dump file will mostly likely be saved to your desktop.

Using FTP/SFTP again, you could optionally copy the file into the backup folder you just created to keep everything together.

Go to textpattern.com/download and download the zip package of the latest version to your local machine.

In brief, you’ll backup your current installation, overwrite your existing installation with new package files (with a few key exceptions), update your language preference(s), and address any problems indicated in the Diagnostics panel.

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