Twilight costar dating intriguing dating headlines

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The pair were spotted hugging at the Moschino after-party at the Roosevelt Hotel in LA this week, proving their enduring friendship.

While Stewart looks slightly cranky in the photos (doesn’t she always though? It’s safe to say a lot has gone down since the pair starred in the hit movie series way back when.

Robert Pattinson says he and FKA Twigs are still "kind of" engaged.

The actor, who is notoriously private, spoke about his relationship with the British singer on "The Howard Stern Show." They have been Host Howard Stern was direct: "You're engaged, right? Pattinson responded, "Yeah, kind of." He told Stern that his celebrity puts him in a difficult position when showing off a relationship.

Stewart and Hoult have reportedly been spotted many times together in New York.

Jennifer Lawrence's ex-boyfriend Hoult and the "Twilight" actress were seen leaving a famous hotel in New York together late at night.

"But then it makes it difficult for your actual relationship." Pattinson said his fans have also hurled abuse at his fiancée, making racist comments on social media.

It turns out Kristen Stewart's love for Robert Pattinson wasn't immortal.“He was mad at me a couple of years ago — really obsessed with me a couple of years ago — which is f--king crazy,” she told star should not forgive Kristen for cheating on him “like a dog.” In another tweet, he suggested that the 30-year-old should leave Kristen and date one of the Miss Universe contestants instead.(Photo Credit: Twitter) “At that point, he was just [a] reality star, like I had no reference,” Kristen said about her reaction at the time., she's been catapulted to super-stardom and better yet, she's stayed there.From winning a slew of awards, including the BAFTA Rising Star in 2010 and a César for 'Best Supporting Actress' (making her the first American actress to do so), she's also gone on to become the 'face' of Chanel and Balenciaga, made her directorial debut for a short film titled As a result, both Sanders and Stewart issued public apologies on the matter, with Stewart admitting she was 'deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment' she had caused.

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