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He says he wants to me to stay and he will change LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Whoever says go-go bars are harmless and internet porn is harmless are fools. Destroying families one by one for the cost of sexual freedom. I wish we could all get together and have one big hug and know that we will all be OK someday and the pain will go away. During the time I was married, I never had sex with them, just went to see for oral relief. When my wife told me she was pregnant I was so happy. My wife is absolutely stunning and yet I still didi it. I haven't seen a prostitute for months and me and wife are planning for other baby.LOL for such a free sexual society we sure are whacked out and as unhappy as ever. I kept napkins from unique restaurants and sand from all the beaches we visited. I keep telling myself that I will be OK but I cry everywhere and anywhere at any moment. I stopped for a couple of months and then something in me made me start again. I cant screw this up and need advice on how I can stop these feelings of me wanting to see a prostitute. My husband of almost twelve years has been seeing prostitutes our whole marriage and even before we met. I can't believe I wasted all my twenties with a man who was so addicted to sex and never would touch me. He spent over twenty thousand dollars a year on prostitutes our whole marriage, with this year being the worst. He is an accountant and never let me see the bills. But she is only one of dozens and dozens this year alone. There is NO NO NO WORDS in our language to describe the pain of my life and marriage of illusion. Time to get out while I am still alive although I am dying a financial death. It does help to know that I am not the only one mourning in this life. Hi all, I've been using prostitutes for 4 years and of which 2 were married. I believe God protected my wife and taught me a lesson. He has been seeing prostitutes since he was 18 when his uncle took him to a brothel. I owe about seventy thousand dollars in my name alone because of his addiction. Spent about one thousand dollars on her with only three visits.

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We have two beautiful children which is why I tried to work things out. He took out a dozen credit cards in my name and charged them up to the maximum. He western unioned this woman money with a credit card in my name. He would take off his wedding ring with all his escorts and say he was single.Two examples that are criminal offences in most jurisdictions are sexual assault and sexual activity with a person below the local age of consent.Sexual activity can be classified in a number of ways.

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