Rules for dating a coworker

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They blame themselves for being foolish and gullible.

They’d rather take their losses and forget the whole thing, than diminish their images and reputations as smart business people.

Yes, dating a co-worker can be thrilling and exciting.

In order to avoid encountering problems at work — and among yourselves — we have listed the following seven rules for dating a co-worker.

While many employee handbooks prohibit or frown upon interoffice romances, do companies really have the right to intervene on private relationships?

No, we’re not talking about finding a way to have your workstations moved closer to each other — we are referring to having a basic set of rules. We have no need for these rules that you humans talk about — we are in love!

” While the power of love is potent, so too are workplace rules and the inevitable “issues” that arise when two lovers share the same air throughout the day — day in and day out.

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